Thursday, October 4, 2007


Greetings Faithful Readers,
Well, I am so humbled right now I barely know what to type. I have received my first commissioned piece order. WOW! Thankfully, it was only specific to being a portrait.
Any of you who follow my creations know I tend to lean towards the funky side. So I bravely grabbed my flesh colored clay.....looked at the photo of this dearest little girl and created her face in a very large cab style adding some nose, mouth and bone definition. I was so excited when she came out of the oven I could hardly think. LOL
Next started the textured paper to give her face definition. Oh boy, I was ripping cool slubs of paper all afternoon! Next, with clay and paper what in the world do I make her sweet little wispy bob hair out of????? Gee, I found my beautifully textured leather and started cutting. I think I have a scissor thing going on.
So here I sit waiting for the latest paper layer to dry as I adjusted it today and chomping at the bit to place the last layer of lovely soft pink paper to her adorable face. Patience is truly a virtue at this moment...come on, dry you glue!
Tommorrow, the saga of the EYES! Oh my, Oh My!
Hope you all are enjoying the changing weather. It is lovely here. Inspired me to new heights for sure! Will post a pic of my portrait when she progresses above the "what is that????" stage.

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ingeniouslycreative said...

She is adorable!!!! xoxo Carol