Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

I feel I should be singing a really grand Moody Blues song. NOT! Well, things here are status quo. Guess that is a good thing.
The creative processes have been kind to me lately. I seem to be ever evolving into I don't know what. Hope that is a good thing!
Seems like when the phone rings these days it is not good news. A dear friend of ours has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I will never understand why terrible things happen to good people. But the world seems to keep turning, regardless.
All my life, I have been the undying optimist but it seems some of the ooomph has gone out of me lately which probably shows in my latest art works. Maybe life is telling me that a blend of pessimism in with that eternal optimist is the way it is.....who knows?
Remember those each day in your life that matter......tomorrow is a new day! And thankfully, we all wake up anew. xoxoxo

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Frolics

It is hot here in Georgia, guess summer has arrived. Things are blooming like crazy and I am sneezing my pea brains out! LOL
The art workshop in Detroit was a huge success. I met so many talented, kind fellow artists. It was over entirely too quickly.
I wait with baited breath on the gallery call. Should hear something by Monday. Waiting is the hardest part! To be selected for a juried call would be quite an honor at my early stage of selling my art.
So I am off to the studio to finish my abstract (very abstract) blueberries for an Artist and Poets project. Having never met a blueberry bush in person, I kinda winged it! LOL Hey, that is why there is artistic license!!!
Have a grand weekend.