Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weary Wednesday

Greetings All,
Will somebody please put the washer on auto pilot???? I have done a mountain of laundry. Thankfully, with my dear Hubby's help. He does laundry well!!!
I am going to post a picture of the birds from our trip. They moved so fast I am amazed I got a shot at all. And the kitty is from our favorite restaurant on Tybee, The Crab Shack.
Hope all is well with you and yours. Hopefully, tomorrow will be an arteeeeeeest day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Terrific Tuesday!

Greetings All,
We just returned from our wonderfully restful and very relaxing vacation. I cannot believe we were gone for 7 days! Everybody seems to still be in one piece. LOL The ocean at Tybee Island was gorgeous. Fred met a few friendly birds that decided they loved cheese puffs. He had one grackle that would actually take the piece of cheese puff from his hand! Hopefully my camera was on target and we got some wonderful shots.
I am anxious to get my clay out tomorrow and play with the shells that I picked up on the beach. I have mermaid on the brain currently.
Fred almost choked on his food when I asked for a doggie bag for the clam shells we had just eaten! Of course, he had to tell our server I was an Arteeeest...LOL LOL LOL
She smiled and said we should move to Tybee as it is an artsy town. Course at a Half million dollars for a 2 bedroom bungalow, I will have to sell an awful lot of art!
So, we are home and I am inspired! Take good care. And take the time to enjoy life, we don't get a rehearsal.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Terrific Tuesday!

Greetings Faithful Readers,
Yahooo, today is another wonderful Ebay day. I am currently selling two ATCs and have a watcher on a third. This is entirely toooooo much fun!
I am adding a preview picture of a keepsake cigar box that I just finished. It should be listed soon.
Have a glorious day, I am off to go play with my clay.
Hugs to all...

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Greetings from Georgia! Where did this week get to? I turn around and it is Saturday.
For all you curious readers out there, here is a sample of one of my poems beside the one in the link you can vote on. I wrote this about 10 yrs. ago after a sad period in my life but one that left me full of hope for the future. I met my sweet hubby, Fred a few weeks after writing this!

Black and White

She dreams at night in color, the spectrum of her mind
The feelings swirling thru the mists of sleep
Each color holding a truth in dreams.
The brilliance explodes in hues of meaning she can almost
But not quite touch.
Her soul she sees before her, a myriad of shades.
With wakefulness she sighs and knows that she must wait again.
And seek the day, always looking within.
Searching for her heart.
Confusion reigns in daylight, wisdom glows at dusk.
The greyness creeps in slowly.
What lies ahead she must paint, a picture of her life.
The pallet trust and truth with love.
She longs for the night to dream again.
To continue on the journey for that one elusive color,
That only she will know.
In time to complete her canvas, and the peace will finally come.
She dreams at night in color and wakes to black and white.

So there you have it, faithful readers. Enjoy your weekend!
Peace, Cath

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Terrific Tuesday!!!!

Greetings Faithful Readers,
I must say that I just received the kindest email from an Ebay buyer. She took the time to thank ME for creating my art. Oh Wow!! Thank you, Laurie, from the bottom of my heart. It is for people like you that we artsy ones continue our quest for creating.

Speaking of creating, for those of you who don't know it, I also write poetry. There is a link on the side of my blog to go rate my poem. I have been published internationally three times and won two minor awards for my writing. I enjoy doing it very much, but with all the art stuff and Ebay going on, I just don't seem to have the time much. But as with any inspiration, you never know when it is going to happen. LOL

We are counting down the days til vacation. I am madly searching for a bathing suit for the beach.

Take good care and never give up on yourself. Sometimes life makes the lemonade for you instead of giving you lemons!
Peace, Cath

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Check out Carol's new Etsy Store!

Greetings All,
I have put a link on the blog for you to easily find Carol aka IngeniouslyCreative3 on Ebay in her new Etsy store. It is lovely!
It seems that UKers have to list on Ebay in the States separately now. Go figure??? That means double listing fees, etc. Her Etsy store is filled with unique OOAK jewelry and clay items currently, at tremendously reasonable prices. If you haven't visited, check it out!
All is well here. Hubby and me are anxiously counting down to vacation time. I am already sad to have to leave sweet Lexi at the boarders, but she doesn't travel well in a car even to the groomers! And her vet who boards her spoils her as rotten as we do. But it will be a first for us to be away from her in two years. My four legged daughter! LOL
Hope you all have a grand weekend. We will be glued to opening weekend of football season tomorrow. Got my steaks all ready for the grill!
Take good care. XOXO

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Seems I have been lost in time!

Greetings All from Georgia!
Wow, where does time fly to these days? I am proud to say I sold 4 more items on Ebay last weekend. Thanks to Janet who is a grand buyer and very nice lady.
She sent the coolest email an "artist" can ever get. Said I was dangerous! I loved it so I printed it out and will probably frame it. Ebay bidders have been so kind to me. It makes my heart sing.
Hubby and me are taking our first vacation in over 5 years towards the middle of this to Savannah and Tybee Island, GA. We went there many years ago and fell in love with the beauty of Savannah's architecture and historic district as well as the private, quaint island of Tybee. The Tybeeans refer to their life there as "quirky". Kind of describes my art....LOL Plus if you ever make the trip, "The Crab Shack" is heavenly with fresh little neck clams and incredible local seafood delights. Last time there, we had little necks in lieu of dessert. YUM!
So I will eat my way thru the vacation and try to get some exercise seeing the sites.
Again, thanks to all you faithful Ebayers who view our art daily. It is such a joy to create for folks like you! And if you have not been there, check out Etsy. It is an easy way to purchase from artists with a set losing bids!
Peace to all,