Saturday, September 15, 2007


Greetings from Georgia! Where did this week get to? I turn around and it is Saturday.
For all you curious readers out there, here is a sample of one of my poems beside the one in the link you can vote on. I wrote this about 10 yrs. ago after a sad period in my life but one that left me full of hope for the future. I met my sweet hubby, Fred a few weeks after writing this!

Black and White

She dreams at night in color, the spectrum of her mind
The feelings swirling thru the mists of sleep
Each color holding a truth in dreams.
The brilliance explodes in hues of meaning she can almost
But not quite touch.
Her soul she sees before her, a myriad of shades.
With wakefulness she sighs and knows that she must wait again.
And seek the day, always looking within.
Searching for her heart.
Confusion reigns in daylight, wisdom glows at dusk.
The greyness creeps in slowly.
What lies ahead she must paint, a picture of her life.
The pallet trust and truth with love.
She longs for the night to dream again.
To continue on the journey for that one elusive color,
That only she will know.
In time to complete her canvas, and the peace will finally come.
She dreams at night in color and wakes to black and white.

So there you have it, faithful readers. Enjoy your weekend!
Peace, Cath

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