Saturday, September 8, 2007

Check out Carol's new Etsy Store!

Greetings All,
I have put a link on the blog for you to easily find Carol aka IngeniouslyCreative3 on Ebay in her new Etsy store. It is lovely!
It seems that UKers have to list on Ebay in the States separately now. Go figure??? That means double listing fees, etc. Her Etsy store is filled with unique OOAK jewelry and clay items currently, at tremendously reasonable prices. If you haven't visited, check it out!
All is well here. Hubby and me are anxiously counting down to vacation time. I am already sad to have to leave sweet Lexi at the boarders, but she doesn't travel well in a car even to the groomers! And her vet who boards her spoils her as rotten as we do. But it will be a first for us to be away from her in two years. My four legged daughter! LOL
Hope you all have a grand weekend. We will be glued to opening weekend of football season tomorrow. Got my steaks all ready for the grill!
Take good care. XOXO

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ingeniouslycreative said...

Awww, are you just the sweetest little Georgia Peach!!! Thank you Cath! Hugs, Carol