Monday, March 31, 2008


Bet you are wondering what PIF is....Well, Pay It Forward. Random acts of kindness have a way of making our days complete. We have a group on ZNE where items are listed that are free to the taker but with the deal that you will PIF. It has been wonderful and actually helped me clear out a few items I didnt need to be storing in my already cluttered studio. I even took the concept with me to the grocery store in Friday and had my stuff all out of the basket ready to check out. I glanced behind me and saw two women with few items. I encouraged them to go ahead of me as I had a ton. They looked at me like I had 3 heads at first. The first one turned to me and said, You totally made my day. I replied, No, you made MINE!
It just goes to show that kindness is contagious!!!! PIF to all. Peace, Cath
p.s. The new pic is my latest work while hubby dear was a bit under the weather yesterday. I seem to fly high with no interruptions! LOL Enjoy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fabulous Friday in Georgia

It is a truly beautiful day. Makes me wish I had my easel set up outside and was inspired to paint, but I am on a mission to create some dolls. Always wanted to try my hand at dolls. Now, I do use the term loosely. My dolls so far DO have heads. LOL
Limbs seem to be escaping me. I am working on a totally natural piece using outdoor finds and a clay cab. Another is a pixie-ish creature with a clay face and pine cone nuts for her hair, fabulous fabric torso and then I am stumped.
I am posting another painting from earlier in the week. It is my tribute to Helen. I call it Eternal Sleep. It is a mermaid who has found her place to quietly pass into the beyond. There is a tiny face in the ocean above her as if her spirit is looking down on her to comfort and guide her on her journey. I miss Helen very much and this is my way to remember her.
Enjoy your weekend! I pray your lives are as filled with happiness and contentment as mine is. xoxo

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ZNE Part 2 The Hot Flash Troll

Yikes.....I outdid myself. I still remember that Pixie kinda gal vaguely. Now I look in the mirror and see tri-focals, fire shooting out everywhere and prayers for ice cubes in the bed in the middle of the night. And no matter what, always A Touch of Gray. ( a little Grateful Dead, there for all you DeadHeads) Also, if you do it right, those fire snorts become grand moustaches which are gonna happen, too. The billy goat hairs on your chin get fun when you can paint them neon pink!
All you youngsters out there....pray hard, then pray harder cause the Hot Flash Troll is in all women. You have to out think that bugger!!!! How, I don't know, I am too busy snorting fire! But I will win, always do somehow. Not always the prize I wanted, but winning is a process.
At least I didn't lose my sense of humor in all this heat. Thank you Lord!
Have fun with life, it is NOT a rehearsal! Go dance Naked! Just cuz...........
p.s. I have come to actually enjoy the Troll for what it is worth?

ZNE Project for March

Okay, in like a lion...out like a lamb or vice versa. Me, I go with the groundhog Phil! Gotta love a guy who looks out, turns around and goes back to bed!
So our project was to create a self portrait. Thank goodness no rules as I would have a had time recreating all my "laugh lines".
So I chose a FAR away time when I was young and a pixie kinda gal, believed in fairy tales and was still sure they did come true. I owned the keys to the world, as you can see...
So here is the then me......tomorrow if I finish tonight, you will see the premiere of the Now ME! Oh My.....The Hot Flash TROLL!!!! Yahooo!
Take good care, my friends. Know that I love you all. You make me what I am.
(that's scary) :)~

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Okay, So Mr. Rogers I am not....but it is a gloriously springy day here in Georgia.
I must say I have had a wonderful time with the Pay It Forward. One of mine is in the form of a journal for a dear ZNE member who gives so much of herself, I don't know how she has anything left for the fabulous creations she makes!
And Doreen, you are a jewel with an unrivaled humor with words. Thank you!
So, my seems these things take on a life of their own. I chose a linen paper to start and it just kept growing. One more page, one little piece here and there and wow, I had a nifty keepsake book. I am understanding more and more why most artists are "starving". We birth these creations and they are so much a piece of us.
But the joy is in the giving and/or selling of our "babies" for the enjoyment of others.
So my goal now is to stock my Etsy shop with all the notions that come out of my pea brain and hands to turn into my minervas madness creations. I hope you visit my shop soon and enjoy what you see. At present, it is a tad sparse, but that will change!
Enjoy your day and smile at a stranger. It is amazing what happens!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Greetings all,
Seems I have been under the radar for a few days....Hope that is done! I have been working on a couple of new journals. One for a dear friend. Our ZNE group has a new very cool idea of Pay It Forward. When someone does a kindness for you, pay it forward to someone else. Makes you think of all those opportunities to help someone in a large or a small way. Make someone smile! Each person performing a kindness has the potential to truly make a difference in our world.
Anyway, back to my art for now. Will post some pics of the new journals soon.
Hugs to all.