Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ZNE Project for March

Okay, in like a lion...out like a lamb or vice versa. Me, I go with the groundhog Phil! Gotta love a guy who looks out, turns around and goes back to bed!
So our project was to create a self portrait. Thank goodness no rules as I would have a had time recreating all my "laugh lines".
So I chose a FAR away time when I was young and a pixie kinda gal, believed in fairy tales and was still sure they did come true. I owned the keys to the world, as you can see...
So here is the then me......tomorrow if I finish tonight, you will see the premiere of the Now ME! Oh My.....The Hot Flash TROLL!!!! Yahooo!
Take good care, my friends. Know that I love you all. You make me what I am.
(that's scary) :)~

1 comment:

Jodi Barone said...

You still own the keys to the world and I still see ms. pixie immediately in your current photo, note I said photo, not current self-portrait, we'll get to that shortly....and in your current way of being...
thx so much for sharing this!