Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Okay, So Mr. Rogers I am not....but it is a gloriously springy day here in Georgia.
I must say I have had a wonderful time with the Pay It Forward. One of mine is in the form of a journal for a dear ZNE member who gives so much of herself, I don't know how she has anything left for the fabulous creations she makes!
And Doreen, you are a jewel with an unrivaled humor with words. Thank you!
So, my seems these things take on a life of their own. I chose a linen paper to start and it just kept growing. One more page, one little piece here and there and wow, I had a nifty keepsake book. I am understanding more and more why most artists are "starving". We birth these creations and they are so much a piece of us.
But the joy is in the giving and/or selling of our "babies" for the enjoyment of others.
So my goal now is to stock my Etsy shop with all the notions that come out of my pea brain and hands to turn into my minervas madness creations. I hope you visit my shop soon and enjoy what you see. At present, it is a tad sparse, but that will change!
Enjoy your day and smile at a stranger. It is amazing what happens!

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