Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally a few moments

This sunset was just too fabulous not to post here. We have such a lovely view of the skies from our deck. What a tremendous thing it was for us to be able to move to the country.

So I have neglected my blog just a tad....(understatement) Know that I am doing fine and well. Have many art projects on the table and hopefully will finish some soon.

Wishing all our veterans, past and present, our love and thanks. Without you, this country would not be here.

Peace to all......

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally framed!

Finally had some art time and framed Lack of Vision. It is now hanging in our family room downstairs. Fred still jumps when he walks past it. Says it creeps him out. Oh Well!!!!!!

Nothing else new on this end except some fabulous cool weather with rain. Got some good spider/web shots last night I will post soon.

Let's remember our flags tomorrow and take a moment to reflect on our great country on this most important day. So many lives lost, so many lives changed. Remember your blessings. Peace......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jefferson Sunset

Wow, it has been a long time since I have written here. We had a very exciting summer with moving to Jefferson and my nephew getting married in Texas. Boy, was it hot!
The lovely butterfly here is a photo I took in our new back yard. I am not a great photographer so this delicate creature was behaving perfectly!
Hopefully, my studio will be set up completely this week. I do have a new addition to the space with my desk actually fitting in there for the sewing machine. WooooHoooo!
So much beautiful wildlife, insects and vegetation out here in the country that I will have love of inspiration when the studio is completed.
Peace and love to all......enjoy your world!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greeting all!

As you know, I have a difficult time throwing things away that might turn into art! Here is a good example of a scrap piece of plywood. I saw the glorious knot hole in the top right area and had to turn it into an eye. One thing lead to another and here it is! Kinda creepy but lots of faces within faces. Enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mindful Vision

Seems I have been into the surreal mode lately. This is a portrait of a dear friend I affectionately call Alice. Long story!
News from this side of the world is hubby dear and I are buying a home in the country.
A longtime dream will finally come true. My arm is black and blue from pinching myself.
Need to run finish filling nail holes in the condo walls. Why did I hang all this art? LOL
Peace to all.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swimming in Thought

Here is another encaustic piece I am most proud of completing. It is much larger than the others and took a good amount of patience and time.
I am hoping to frame it soon and put it up for sale. If interested, leave me a comment here.
Nothing else new around here. Time to go play!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Continuing in Wax

Seeing as how I am really liking this new medium, I decided to skip the middle sizes and go straight to larger. This piece is about 12" x 15". It has many, many layers of wax to complete the process. I am quite pleased with the results. Manipulating the wax to form the eyes was tedious but worth it. I hope that the U.S. art collectors become interested in this "lost" medium and realize the time, talent and patience required to handle this technique. Seems this is a popular form in Europe and especially the United Kingdom, but just starting to be noticed a bit more in the States. By the way, I call this piece "Swimming in Thought".
Hope you are all enjoying your day. The weather is perfect here. I can hear the geese flying by honking away!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Playing with Hot Wax!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I have to admit my dangerous side loves the idea of molten wax sliding around on a page before me. I am experimenting right now and having a blast doing it. Anyone interested in learning more about this medium and technique, contact While you are there, say hello to Steve, co-owner of the site ... very knowledgeable, helpful and just an all around nice guy! Their prices are competitive, service is impeccable and I love doing business with people I actually like! And if you decide you really want to learn more, purchase a video. Worth every penny with detailed instruction as you watch an actual work created from start to finish.
So that is my commercial for the day! Back to my studio! Peace to all...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yahoo ! I am finished!

It has been a while to get there but totally worth all the effort to rearrange and organize my studio. I actually can find things when I want them now. That is a new concept! I was so excited to be done that I just had to play with my encaustic technique a little bit. Here is my first one completed. I call it Quantum Joy.
Have an inspirational day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another tip-in

Jeri's theme was women with umbrellas. I had literally printed these beach beauties out several years ago hoping I would need them. I am actually surprised that I found them!

Greetings All,
I joined a new group on ZNE which focuses on Altered Books. Something new for me to learn and the first thing was a swap. This is called a tip-in which measured 10x 7, folded to make two 5 x 7 pages. Each person chose their wanted theme and one was Marie Antoinette. This is my tip-in for that theme. They were fun to make.
I received my first one of the swap from Patti and it is beautiful. I am going to make a small altered book to put all my received pages into.
My studio reorganization is coming along nicely albeit slow. I can finally see the twin guest bed in the corner again! LOL Progress means I can actually find supplies instead of wasting time looking for what I know I already have.
Hope your weather is as fabulous as the Atlanta area. It truly feels like spring is almost here. Peace to all.....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A melancholy Thursday

While the year started out with a bang and many high hopes, it seems that as one gets older the inevitable happens more often. We just returned from New Jersey to bury a dear family member, Rosemary. She left a most wonderful legacy of teaching and coaching basketball to many generations of women. It was glorious to see all the lives she touched. What a gift it was to know her.

Now back to the real world again. I did manage to complete a project with a serious deadline and actually get it there in time! So here is my picture of the completed work. It is a fabric quilt honoring Elvis Presley and his song Blue Suede Shoes.
I can't even count the hours in this piece. I know I stared at it a lot to figure out the layering, sewing, gluing, etc. Then in the middle of a Georgia thunderstorm, I ran out of peach thread! Oh No!!!! Not to worry, dear Joyster across the street came to my rescue and even matched the thread! Gotta love a woman who has 6 shades of peach thread available. LOL

So on to the next is like a box of .......... Hmmmm, surely I can come up with something.

Peace to all and tell those you love that you appreciate them.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where does the time go?

Okay, it has been a while since I have written so I am overdue. Hubby dear and myself just returned from the 2009 Simple Man Cruise. Wow!!! So much music, food and friendly people. I had the pleasure to meet Doug Gray from the Marshall Tucker Band as well as the whole Molly Hatchet crew. Any one who thinks musicians have it made in the shade should watch all these guys work to get ready for their concerts. It made things interesting to see the behind the scenes action in person. The trip was more than a dream come true for us. And beautiful weather, too which made some glorious photographs. We met the cutest couple from New Hampshire who absolutely made the trip for us. Always nice to make new friends!
So now being refreshed and spoiled on the cruise, it is time to get with the '09 program. If all goes as planned in my little pea brain, this will be a break out year! Peace to all.