Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Continuing in Wax

Seeing as how I am really liking this new medium, I decided to skip the middle sizes and go straight to larger. This piece is about 12" x 15". It has many, many layers of wax to complete the process. I am quite pleased with the results. Manipulating the wax to form the eyes was tedious but worth it. I hope that the U.S. art collectors become interested in this "lost" medium and realize the time, talent and patience required to handle this technique. Seems this is a popular form in Europe and especially the United Kingdom, but just starting to be noticed a bit more in the States. By the way, I call this piece "Swimming in Thought".
Hope you are all enjoying your day. The weather is perfect here. I can hear the geese flying by honking away!

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ArtSnark said...

You always have such great textures, Cathy - this medium seems perfect for that