Thursday, February 5, 2009

A melancholy Thursday

While the year started out with a bang and many high hopes, it seems that as one gets older the inevitable happens more often. We just returned from New Jersey to bury a dear family member, Rosemary. She left a most wonderful legacy of teaching and coaching basketball to many generations of women. It was glorious to see all the lives she touched. What a gift it was to know her.

Now back to the real world again. I did manage to complete a project with a serious deadline and actually get it there in time! So here is my picture of the completed work. It is a fabric quilt honoring Elvis Presley and his song Blue Suede Shoes.
I can't even count the hours in this piece. I know I stared at it a lot to figure out the layering, sewing, gluing, etc. Then in the middle of a Georgia thunderstorm, I ran out of peach thread! Oh No!!!! Not to worry, dear Joyster across the street came to my rescue and even matched the thread! Gotta love a woman who has 6 shades of peach thread available. LOL

So on to the next is like a box of .......... Hmmmm, surely I can come up with something.

Peace to all and tell those you love that you appreciate them.