Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Wishes

With the Holiday season upon us, I just want to take a moment to thank all my friends, family and colleagues who has truly inspired me to reach for the stars this year. It is a wonderful feeling to know I have so many kind and talented people in my corner.
My Thanksgiving prayer for all of you is that you find your happy spot in life.

I am so thrilled with the opening of my FineArtAmerica shop. I have personally ordered two prints of different types to insure that the printing is of a quality that is what I want to sell. Will keep you updated on that.

Finally on a more personal note....To Stacey, Gordon, Bernice, Barbara and Mollye...
Your emails, encouragement and just plain friendship mean so much to me. Where would I be without all of you making me laugh, sharing your worlds and just being yourselves>
Thank you all for being such a grand part of my life.

Remember during this Holiday season, kindness is free....give it away!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Site for Me

I have jumped out again and added a new website to my selling links. Anyone wanting to find local artists who are selling in their area, this is the site to go to. It features a biography as well as items for sale.

I have included a link to my page at the right. Now off to upload more images.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's Musings

Okay, it is Monday and my pea brain is whirling as usual. I belong to an art book club where we create pieces to coincide with the book we are using that month. So this is one of my pieces. My thought process in this respect is how is it determined whether a piece is an assemblage or a sculpture? This is made with 100% recycled items excluding the paint. So is it an assemblage or a sculpture?

I will be interested to see the vote on this! Have a creative day filled with love.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have been tagged!!!

All righty now, the blog tagger has struck again. Time to play! I am supposed to tell 6 things about myself. Hmmm......

1. I wanted to be a ballerina, but alas, too bow-legged ( Yikes!)
2. I actually like brussel sprouts.
3. I collect angel art and Asian antiques.
4. I am a Taurus and can be fiercely loyal when cornered. (Don't make me angry!)
5. I have a commercial drivers license and can drive the big buses!
6. I can still do complicated math in my head. The calculator baffles me. LOL

So now off to tag the next 6 victims! Watch out. Have a glorious day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grand Entrance

I have been playing around with different mediums lately and this piece kind of evolved from that. She is painted but with the additions of handmade paper hair, feathers ( gluing feathers is NOT fun!), button baubles, ribbon and fabric. Mixed media is a lot of fun to tackle. Deciding what to use, where it will go, etc. If you have not tried this type of creating, give it a go.
Have a grand weekend. I am off to my little studio to play.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finding the "lost" time

My sweet buddy, Stacey (ArtSnark) brought up a very valid point in this busy day and time. Where does the time go each day? How do people with large families find time to get everything done? In this techno oriented world, it seems I sign on to my computer and 4 hours later I am still there catching up on emails, answering questions regarding my art, paying bills, networking, marketing and it never ends!
So that "lost" time takes away from creative projects. I am curious if any of you have a tried and true tip to find that time. Any time saver would be appreciated.
I know personally we are blessed to be old enough to be empty nesters but other things take the place of daily caring for children.....ill friends, keeping up with the kids and older relatives by phone, the dog (who is mortally spoiled!), dentist visits, doctor visits, housework, keeping up with finances, bills, etc. Granted, some of these things are joyful but they still take a chunk of time out of the day.
I am so thankful that we have our health....even though it seems I move a little slower than 10 years ago. LOL
So any of you go-getters who would like to respond, I am all ears!
Have a peaceful weekend.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, here it is Monday again. Guess that is always a good thing as it means time is marching on. I received two wonderful emails today requesting more link exchanges. One from a dear sweet friend with a new site and one out of the blue from an unknown now new friend! WOW!
Check out their links to the right of this post. I think you will enjoy perusing their sites.
Peace, Cath