Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have been tagged!!!

All righty now, the blog tagger has struck again. Time to play! I am supposed to tell 6 things about myself. Hmmm......

1. I wanted to be a ballerina, but alas, too bow-legged ( Yikes!)
2. I actually like brussel sprouts.
3. I collect angel art and Asian antiques.
4. I am a Taurus and can be fiercely loyal when cornered. (Don't make me angry!)
5. I have a commercial drivers license and can drive the big buses!
6. I can still do complicated math in my head. The calculator baffles me. LOL

So now off to tag the next 6 victims! Watch out. Have a glorious day!


ArtSnark said...

Thanks for playing Cathy! You are a wonderful friend & the most "game" person I know!!
Got your gift today - many thanks.She is lovely & I've been admiring her on ZNE - love the frame too:) Thanks again!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love her!
Sandra Evertson

Patti said...

So you like brussel sprouts huh?
Thanks for playing with me Cathy.
I will post your link on my blog and tag 6 people.
Have a great weekend!!

bonniebluedenim said...

hmmm,....I'm it.....and my mom told me that brussel sprouts tasted like corn on the cob, but then she told me that califlower tasted like corn on the cob....I like them all now.

gotta go think, glad you are enjoying the book club,


Patti said...

thanks for participating in my Thanksgiving atc swap.
The theme is Thanksgiving!


I just have to say it again....I love your art! You are so talented.