Friday, November 7, 2008

Finding the "lost" time

My sweet buddy, Stacey (ArtSnark) brought up a very valid point in this busy day and time. Where does the time go each day? How do people with large families find time to get everything done? In this techno oriented world, it seems I sign on to my computer and 4 hours later I am still there catching up on emails, answering questions regarding my art, paying bills, networking, marketing and it never ends!
So that "lost" time takes away from creative projects. I am curious if any of you have a tried and true tip to find that time. Any time saver would be appreciated.
I know personally we are blessed to be old enough to be empty nesters but other things take the place of daily caring for children.....ill friends, keeping up with the kids and older relatives by phone, the dog (who is mortally spoiled!), dentist visits, doctor visits, housework, keeping up with finances, bills, etc. Granted, some of these things are joyful but they still take a chunk of time out of the day.
I am so thankful that we have our health....even though it seems I move a little slower than 10 years ago. LOL
So any of you go-getters who would like to respond, I am all ears!
Have a peaceful weekend.


ArtSnark said...

I find that Insomnia can really come in handy ;)

Loudlife said...

Ha! I'm with Stacey - just stop sleeping. That's what I do!

It does come back to haunt me, though. The other day I kind of dozed off while my husband was explainging (at great length) the differences between 1937 & 1938 bicycl...zzzzzzzzzz