Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's Musings

Okay, it is Monday and my pea brain is whirling as usual. I belong to an art book club where we create pieces to coincide with the book we are using that month. So this is one of my pieces. My thought process in this respect is how is it determined whether a piece is an assemblage or a sculpture? This is made with 100% recycled items excluding the paint. So is it an assemblage or a sculpture?

I will be interested to see the vote on this! Have a creative day filled with love.


mollye self said...

I call it an assemblage, but what do I know........I just know it speaks to me!

Deborah Bohm said...

It is BOTH! A sculpture AND an assemblage!! And also INSPIRED! It's an inspired altered assemblage sculpture. Marvelous!

Patti said...

Whatever it is ...I am impressed! Very clever . Great work.