Friday, March 21, 2008

Fabulous Friday in Georgia

It is a truly beautiful day. Makes me wish I had my easel set up outside and was inspired to paint, but I am on a mission to create some dolls. Always wanted to try my hand at dolls. Now, I do use the term loosely. My dolls so far DO have heads. LOL
Limbs seem to be escaping me. I am working on a totally natural piece using outdoor finds and a clay cab. Another is a pixie-ish creature with a clay face and pine cone nuts for her hair, fabulous fabric torso and then I am stumped.
I am posting another painting from earlier in the week. It is my tribute to Helen. I call it Eternal Sleep. It is a mermaid who has found her place to quietly pass into the beyond. There is a tiny face in the ocean above her as if her spirit is looking down on her to comfort and guide her on her journey. I miss Helen very much and this is my way to remember her.
Enjoy your weekend! I pray your lives are as filled with happiness and contentment as mine is. xoxo

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