Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Terrific Tuesday!

Greetings All,
We just returned from our wonderfully restful and very relaxing vacation. I cannot believe we were gone for 7 days! Everybody seems to still be in one piece. LOL The ocean at Tybee Island was gorgeous. Fred met a few friendly birds that decided they loved cheese puffs. He had one grackle that would actually take the piece of cheese puff from his hand! Hopefully my camera was on target and we got some wonderful shots.
I am anxious to get my clay out tomorrow and play with the shells that I picked up on the beach. I have mermaid on the brain currently.
Fred almost choked on his food when I asked for a doggie bag for the clam shells we had just eaten! Of course, he had to tell our server I was an Arteeeest...LOL LOL LOL
She smiled and said we should move to Tybee as it is an artsy town. Course at a Half million dollars for a 2 bedroom bungalow, I will have to sell an awful lot of art!
So, we are home and I am inspired! Take good care. And take the time to enjoy life, we don't get a rehearsal.

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