Monday, October 29, 2007

Cool, Cool Monday!

Greetings All,
Fall is definitely here. Time to think about where in the world I am going to move my outdoor garden to this year. Every spring I promise myself I won't get more plants, but that never lasts long. LOL So, a bit of fall renovating inside to find a place for my lovelies!
My family in California are all fine and well. Everyone seems to have weathered the fires as well as they can. I am so thankful!
Off to go see what my creative spirit comes up with today. Ebay is slow, but I am trying to gear up for the holiday season. Check back this weekend as I will be listing then. My Ebay link is here on the blog.
Also, don't forget to check Carol's wonderful Etsy shop. She has so many cool items that would make fabulous one of a kind gifts this season.
Thank you all for your prayers!
Have a glorious day!

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