Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday's Gone With the Wind!

Greetings All from Still HOT Georgia,
But today we did get a bit of a breeze...of course, it feels like you stuck your head in an oven with a fan on. LOL But other than scorching the yards, all is well.
I am going to type something here I hoped I would never have to do.....so all you wonderful readers, bear with the HIGH HORSE for a paragraph or two.
Some of you may know I recently retired from a wonderful career writing curriculum for pre-school age children. I got so many hugs each day and loved every minute of it. But my family needed me at home, so I semi-retired pursuing my art from home.
What has a bee stuck in my bonnet is finding out that there are "artists" (I use the term loosely) out there that have nothing better to do than buy someone else's art and copy it. Okay, here is the scoop. Art is creativity that is supposed to come from YOUR brain and talents, not stealing another person's time and efforts. If you cannot create your own, then maybe you should choose another path to take in life. An art career has as much integrity written into it as your banker, whom you would not take kindly to stealing from you!
This did not happen to me, but to a dear friend and fabulous artist and it should not have happened at all. I realize that we all work in the same mediums such as wood, paper, collage, ATCs, cloth, clay, etc., but do your OWN thing! That is what makes the Art World such a joy to behold. Different strokes for different folks! (a little paint brush humor LOL)
So enough of that!
I have sold another piece and am thrilled beyond words. I am so grateful to all you faithful Minervas Madness purchasers. In case I failed to email it to you, any repeat buyer from me on an ATC gets half off their second purchase for shipping.
In my final thoughts, if you always treat others as you wish to be treated, then life gives you joy every day in some way. It might be small, but if you take the time to look, it is there waiting for you. Kindness is free, give it away!


Anonymous said...

Well said!!!! You had the guts to say what a lot of artists wouldn't.

minervas madness said...

Somethings in life are necessary....for those of us who rely on our art to make a living, I did this for ALL of us.
Blessings to all,