Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Good Day to Paint!

Greetings All,
My, but it is hot here in Georgia. We are predicted to hit over 100 degrees again today. Makes me mighty grateful for air conditioning!

Since it is too hot to head out today, I think that gives me a good excuse to paint. I have been practicing my water color techniques which are a tad rusty. LOL

My dear friend, Carol has tagged me for Nice Matters! Thank you, my friend. It does matter!
It is fun to read blogs that are upbeat and nice.

Well, time to get busy and see what the creative juices can do today.

Peace and hugs to all!


Goldbettyboop said...

Hi just like to say that because Carol tagged you for a nice award I have found your blog site; it made me smile to hear you say that if you had been told 10 years ago that you would be doing a blog....well I feel that way too. So you have a n other who shall call by to see what is happening in your life - and isnt that the purpose of these blogs. Fabulous, so hello to you
Dawn xox

paru's_circle said...

congrats on your 1st ebay sale!!
its a wonderful feeling isnt it?
1st thing i sold was a rooster i had cross stitched! keep on, keeping on..regards..P