Saturday, August 25, 2007

Super Saturday!

Greetings All! We finally got a marvelous thunderstorm last night complete with lightning show. Poor Lexi does not enjoy storms and was joined to my hip. I finally wrapped her in a throw blanket and she went to sleep. I will post a picture later today. She is such a cutie pie!
I listed my very first functional piece of art that I made on Ebay yesterday and already have a watcher. I am thrilled!!! It is a funky lamp which kept growing.
I am anxious to see how it does.
I am working on a wooden jewelry box currently and having a blast playing with my clay. Guess I am just an "old" kid! LOL
Time to go check the oven and see if my clay is cooked! Hope your weekend is spectacular!
Hugs to all.

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Anonymous said...

Your lamp is a very unique piece of art that anyone would be proud to own, I wish all artists were as creative and origional!!!