Friday, August 24, 2007

Forever Friday!

Greetings from Georgia,
Looks like we might have a chance of rain in the next few days. The poor lawns around here are burning up!
I have been working fast and furious to get some more items listed on Ebay. Thanks to wonderful Carol's advice, I now have purchased a tripod and should improve my photography skills a hair! LOL
For those of you who enjoy functional art with a twist, check my Ebay listing for the Family Tree lamp which I created. It is made from gorgeous pieces of exotic woods, ceramic leaves and a few touches by Moi! Hehehe! What started out as a good Ebay find in a simple lamp kept growing....and growing. For awhile we thought we would have to name it!!!!
I will try to post a picture here later on this evening.
Enjoy your weekend! You earned it.

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