Saturday, November 3, 2007

Supe Saturday!

Greetings all,
I just got back from lunch with my client for the commissioned piece. It was so wonderful to visit with them. I realize how much I miss my kiddos from the school.
I have to tell a tale on Fred and myself. Obviously, with grandkids, etc., we aren't exactly spring chickens any more. So, you notice that your eye sight, hearing, etc., is not at sharp as it was once.
Fred called me into the kitchen and there was a most annoying high pitched whine going on. We checked the oven, microwave, light fixture, coffee pot, refrigerator and even opened the window to see if the sound was outside with the a/c unit. We live on the ground floor of a condo, so I even knocked on the neighbor's door to see if it was at their place. No good.....the noise was increasing in pitch a bit and about to drive me nuts, which is a short trip these days. We both stood in the kitchen scratching our heads and looking all around like a couple of nuts! Finally, I said I can't take this and went to work on a new art piece for a bit.
Something possessed my pea brain and I went back to the kitchen, opened the gadget drawer and the noise almost knocked me over! LOL It was our digital meat thermometer letting us know the battery was dying out!!!! We both cracked up. Guess it was better then than in the middle of our favorite rare roast beef!
Never a dull moment at this house!
Enjoy your weekend. Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...

You are just tooo funny Cath!!! A digital meat thermometer? I have never seen one so I can only guess when it looks like! In fact, I haven't even had an oven for 15 years so no chance of that ever happening to me! But, you and Fred are a laugh and a half!! And a great big congratulations on your commissioned work!! You are such a talented artist I can see why you have so many commissions Cath!! Hugs, Carol

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!! The same thing happens to us, but it's Jesseka's toys going off! LOL