Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seems we dodged the bullet on this latest storm a few days ago and only got a windy rain storm.
Here is my American Indian tribute painting, Warrior Tears, done in encaustics. It is very vivid in color and has a ton of texture. I am so loving this medium!
Things here are quiet today so I am off to the studio to play. Just got in a new shipment of wax from www.artistsonja.com Awesome stuff, very true colors and a nice melt temperature. Thanks, Sonja!
Stay warm and hug those you love....

This piece is SOLD


Bevie said...

Cat are you going to give a class using this medium??? I would, and I'm sure others would, love to learn more about it. I'm in love with the work you've done!!
This one reminds me of an Indian Chief for some reason...awesome. BTW I received the card you made for me (Patti's Valentine Swap) And my husband couldn't understand why I screamed and was jumping up and down. That's a feat for me as I can't jump.hehehe!!! Anyway I am honored to have the very first ATC in the medium, and I will definately cherish it...I love it. Now your's from me came back yesterday for more postage so it's back on it's way to you, I'm so sorry!!!

MinervasMadness said...

It's all good, sweet friend. I am so happy you like your ATC. Check out my Facebook page and you will see my "paintbrush" and understand why ATCs are HARD!!!! The iron is bigger than the page.
Anyway, I have thought about classes. Would definitely have to do a video as this would be tedious to explain so someone could follow.
Supplies are mid-range on the expense chart, so I just might try doing a teaching video.
Take good care, Bevie.