Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good News to Share!

Hope this day finds you all well. The United Kingdom ZNE artist's group auctioned off our mermaid box this week. It sold for $40 GPB which is about $72. Woohoo! It was such an honor to be included in this project. My contribution is shown at left called mermaid musings.
October is Cancer Awareness month and this project just helped to make me feel more a part of the solution desperately needed for cancer. Losing my dear friend this year to breast cancer really hits home hard.
Tell your loved ones to have their regular exams...mammograms, pap smears, psa tests for men.....all are important!
Have a grand weekend. Peace to all.


PCarriker said...

You are so right about getting examined. My dad is a cancer surviver due to early detection. I love your piece, washed ashore, wonderful work!

Patti said...

Today is the first day I have really taken time to look at ALL of your work. You are an amazing artist and I love them all. I am so honored to be your friend.

This is great news about the auction in United Kingdom and the mermaid box. Congratulations. Ok I am going back to looking at our art again. Consider me a FAN