Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hello Dear Friends and Family

Oh My, I have a BLOG.......Ten years ago if someone woud have told me I would have a BLOG I would have thought only me, I got some designer disease nobody can detect! LOL

But here I am thanks to so many supporters, family and my Dearest Hubby, Fred. I highly recommend marrying your best friend!

So I recently jumped out there on Ebay and started listing my so called "art". That certainly is a relative term, but it is mine. When I got my first bid, I think Carol, dear on the Irish Sea Coast could probably have heard me yell all the way from Georgia, USA. YAHOOOOOO!

So, enough of that, thank you for visiting my blog.....I promise to update regularly with my quips and thoughts. Life is so grand! Enjoy the little things, later as you age they become bigger things!

Peace, love and hugs,

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